Selbstregulation/ Selbstbestimmung

Innere Ressourcen stärken

Online tapping session

Holistic acupressure points

Burnout prevention

Tapping technique

How to change old & negative patterns

for beginners and advanced participants

Acupressure point tapping is a holistic technique. You engage with a mental focus on the blockages or challenge and tap at the same time key acupressure points. I will explain in detail how it can work during the workshop.

- tired/ worn out?

- for more energy

- reconnect and resolve issues

Easy to apply techniques, which can be used anywhere

creating the right frame and mind setting

with the power of awareness and mental strategies

to strengthen inner resources

"If you want to have improvement - you have to change how you do things"


"I had health issues - I learned how to relax again." CS

"I felt rejected by my mother in law. I used Myriam's special questions technique... and hence changed how to perceive myself and the situation changed. It worked!" MC

 -burn out prevention

when: online - appointments only

registration with Myriam Adams

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contact me for more information:

or Tel.: 0049-176 430 53338 I will call you back to reduce your costs


The workshop will be adapted to the people present. Following techniques might be used:


-borrowing benefits

-mental strategies

-undo negative thought patterns

-breathing techniques

-mirror technique and reflection


-systemic work

-the power of awareness

-symbolic meaning

- transform resistance and old conditioned mind patterns

- transform crisis or stress

- special power questions

- work with the subconscious

-self help

If you are particularly interested in any of the above, please let me know beforehand.

Workshop by:

Myriam Adams

Key element consulting

Holistic massage therapist

Tel.: 0049-176 430 53338      e mail

Hello, I am Myriam Adams and I used to live and work in Newport, South Wales, UK for over 12 years. Two of our three children were born in this beautiful country and I am still very much connected to the UK. Some of my friends have asked me for years, when I will offer tapping sessions again. So here we go: many more people have realised that an online session is also possible, especially with the new tools. Thank you so much for sharing my offer.

I am currently charging only £50,00 for a 60 minute session. If the session takes longer, the next 30 minutes will be free of charge.

I will also deduct £10,00 off your next booking if you recommend a friend and if that person will book a session.

About myself:

about myself

The term Emotional Freedom Technique is a trademark in Germany. The owner demands the following statement (freely translated): "The way I write and teach about EFT on my site is MY understanding of EFT, not that of its original founder, Gary Craig"

Legal notice: If you connect to any of my services, you will take on full responsibility for your over all wellbeing yourself. I am not a health practitioner or a doctor. I am trained in holistic massage and got an ITEC Certificate for the UK. You can read in the posting "about myself" about all my EFT certificates. I have got many years experience and have used systemic tapping for a while. If you choose to contact me on whatsapp or any other social media tools like zoom and so on, it is your responsibility to do so.

There have been newspaper articles saying these platforms do not offer proper data protection. And might use your data for their own marketing purposes. If you like to discuss these issues with me, please contact me and I will recommend to you a european website with european standards for a video conference for example.